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Get in front of the leads most likely to convert. We take a data driven approach to understand your customers and create content that resonates with them.

Once we get in front of the right prospects, we engage with them across a variety of channels. This is typically where Marketing Automation becomes a core component of the roadmap.

We study the data to guide our conversion rate optimization efforts. The goal is to acquire new customers for the right cost.

Who we Are

The Marketing Agency specialises in building holistic marketing solutions for enterprise businesses looking to integrate data into the decision workflow. We turn raw data into meaningful and actionable insights aimed at achieving a set goal.

Performance Marketing

Our integrated approach takes into consideration all the factors associated with your specific vertical. One of the biggest challenges not being addressed by most agencies is the lack of consistency across strategies and platform. We speak your language to simplify the marketing process.


Our process is designed to allow for incremental improvements across all channels. This method to optimization relies heavily on user behaviour data to guide our strategies forward. Your customer are at the heart of our approach.

Learn who your customers really are and leverage these insights to better understand the landscape. We use a combination of implicit and explicit data to architect custom personas around your brand.

Know what success looks like. Before jumping strategy creation, we need to define our objective and identify key performance indicators to keep us accountable for performance.

Speak directly to your customers with content that is aimed at attracting, engaging and converting prospects into customers. We ensure the messaging aligns with your brand and key objectives.

Once the assets have been created, we implement a 6 month roadmap. This step will not always be necessary as you may have an in house team, however, we will guide your team to ensure timely and quality work.

Every month, we review and evaluate your marketing performance against our set KPIs. Our live reporting dashboards provide real data and insights that will change the way you make major business decisions.

Multi-channel Marketing

Go where your customers are most likely to engage with your brand. Our Multi Channel approach to strategy allows us to optimize your ROI on a more granular level.



Let the tech do your heavy lifting. Marketing Automation allows you to target prospects with precision and relevance, increasing the likelihood to convert.


Marketing Funnel

Speak with your customers during each stage of the buyer's journey. Be at the right place, at the right time.


Advanced Reporting

Don't be held back with a lack of transparency. We provide you with the insights you need to make the right marketing decisions.

Marketing for Cannabis

The Cannabis Marketing Agency is a digital performance agency that works exclusively with Cannabis producers, retailers, tech providers and clinics to grow their brands online. Strategy is relative to the industry your company operates in, and cannabis is no exception.

We Combine Strategy, Data, and Technology to Produce Exceptional Results

Are You With the Right Agency?

Every business has asked themselves this question at some point in their relationship. This is typically brought up by either lack of results or transparency. The challenge here lies in the transition from one agency to another, which can be a risky affair. We work with our clients to analyse baseline performance and plan out a transition workflow that does not interfere with...

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