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Our team boasts over 25 years of combined experience in digital marketing - making us the #1 marketing expert for all-things under the San Antonio SEO umbrella.

A detailed report identifying technical areas for site optimization to increase performance

Create and map content clusters and ecosystems, aligning value-driven content with user intent.

Make recommendations for headings and subheadings on content architecture

Identify keyword opportunities that will give us highly relevant/targeted traffic

Identify potential guest blogs for backlinks and conduct outreach to build site’s domain authority

Perform a competitor analysis to fill in any content gaps and push KW research

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TMA brings a cross-continental approach to San Antonio SEO services.

Our dedication to bottom-line performance and our scientific approach to SEO marketing in San Antonio set us apart from the cookie-cutter performance of many SEO agencies.

With both local and international SEO experience, TMA experts can handle all your SEO needs.

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Not sure where to start? Here are a few common questions we hear from new clients

→ Is our current SEO Agency underperforming and where?
→ We’re bringing a new product to San Antonio and need SEO.
→ How can your SEO Agency challenge current standings?   
→ I’m curious about San Antonio SEO but not sure where to start.

Other Marketing Services

As digital marketing experts, we provide business solutions that go beyond SEO in San Antonio.

PPC campaign audits, Email Funnel Management, and Inbound Marketing are just a few of our many other services.

You can rely on The Marketing Agency for San Antonio SEO Services and More.



Inbound Marketing

"The Marketing Agency went above and beyond! Not only did they provide incredibly actionable feedback and tools for me but gave me deeper insights. I've had to rethink more of my website strategy after working with him. Highly recommend."

The Marketing Agency are extremely professional marketers. They were very communicative, produced high quality outputs in a timely manner which resulted in a great outcome (improvements from their work are still happening). I would highly recommend working with them!"

"The Marketing Agency is extremely professional, attentive and organized. It is rare to meet white-hat SEO experts that are knowledgeable and passionate about driving value and results for their clients. I would highly recommend The Marketing Agency for SEO needs!"


World Class

The best way to craft a strategy for your business is to dig into its' core and understand the market from the inside out. We then collect data and insight to propel you to the top.


Data Driven

The basis on which we strategize for long-term success rests on data analysis and data gathering. We don't rely on gut feelings or cookie cutter strategies.


Results Oriented

With San Antonio SEO projects, we funnel our efforts towards performance-based results by setting clear baselines and objectives from the start.



We keep you aware of all our strategic initiatives with full walkthroughs and regular strategy sessions. Our work is presented in real-time with live sheets.

Answering Your Top Questions

Is an SEO agency worth it?

SEO in San Antonio is a valuable investment. An SEO expert can put you on top of your competitors in SERP results and bring your business more online and F2F traffic. If your business isn't using Search Engine Optimization, you are leaving money on the table.

How do I find a good SEO agency in San Antonio?

Follow these 3 tips for choosing the best SEO company:

- Look for firms with a proven track record in San Antonio SEO. Local SEO requires a more intimate knowledge of San Antonio geography and culture.
- Make sure your SEO expert is familiar with your target audience. Ideally, your SEO client will have experience in your industry.
- Communication is key. Look for an SEO expert who can explain data-driven SEO clearly.

Can I do SEO on my own?

Yes, you can do SEO yourself or DIY SEO. While you’re looking for a San Antonio SEO expert, there are a number of things you can do to improve your position in SERP and People Also Searched For results. Learning basic SEO techniques can help you when looking for the best San Antonio SEO specialists.

How do you do Google SEO yourself?

For now, here are the six steps you should follow to get results with DIY SEO:

1. Set Your Organic Search Baseline.
2. Research Keywords and Relevant Search Queries.
3. Publish Optimized Content.
4. Analyze Your Backlinks.
5. Explore Technical Issues.
6. Stay Informed.

Check out our blog for more information about how you can get free website traffic with SEO.

How do I promote my brand through SEO?

If you’re wondering how to increase branded traffic through SEO in San Antonio, one of the best way is through high-quality informative content. Posts, case studies, infographics, videos, podcasts, and e-books can all be used to build brand recognition and increase your authority in Google searches.

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