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A Search Marketing Agency providing world class Sacramento SEO. With more than 25 years of combined experience, we are the industry's go-to marketing experts for everything SEO.

Identifies technical aspects that can be improved in order to improve site performance.

Map content clusters to build authority. Align value-driven content with user intent.

Provide recommendations on content architecture.

Identify keywords and phrases that would provide highly relevant/targeted traffic

Producing content, prospecting links, and outreach to build authority and backlinks to guest blogs

Identify competitors’ strategies to fill content gaps and drive KW research

Contact The #1 SEO Agency in Sacramento

Finding the right Sacramento SEO company can be a huge challenge.

Every agency promises results, but The Marketing Agency offers data-driven, transparent plans that give you a real-time window on results as they happen.

Book your strategy call and let’s discuss the ways our Sacramento SEO experts can help you achieve maximum ROI on your SEO investment and reach the top of SERP results.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few common requests we hear from new clients.

→ Is our current SEO Agency underperforming and where?
→ We’re bringing a new product to Sacramento and need SEO.
→ How can your SEO Agency challenge current standings?   
→ I’m curious about Sacramento SEO but not sure where to start.

Other Marketing Services

As one of Sacramento’s leading SEO agencies, we never stop perfecting our strategies, proving our theories, and expanding our service offerings.

We provide clients with a wide scope of services that go beyond SEO in Sacramento.

From PPC campaign audits to email funnel campaigns, The Marketing Agency can meet your needs.



Inbound Marketing

"The Marketing Agency went above and beyond! Not only did they provide incredibly actionable feedback and tools for me but gave me deeper insights. I've had to rethink more of my website strategy after working with him. Highly recommend."

The Marketing Agency are extremely professional marketers. They were very communicative, produced high quality outputs in a timely manner which resulted in a great outcome (improvements from their work are still happening). I would highly recommend working with them!"

"The Marketing Agency is extremely professional, attentive and organized. It is rare to meet white-hat SEO experts that are knowledgeable and passionate about driving value and results for their clients. I would highly recommend The Marketing Agency for SEO needs!"


World Class

Strategizing and executing effectively requires us to understand where your business stands and how we can help propel it to the top.


Data Driven

Data and insights are at the heart of every decision made at The Marketing Agency. Our efforts are grounded in science and a data strategy that drives progress.


Results Oriented

Strategic Sacramento SEO enables us to funnel towards performance-based results. Clear KPIs and goals are established from the beginning.



Regular meetings and ad-hoc check-ins provide opportunities for open communication with our clients. We provide all the facts so you can make good decisions.

Answering Your Top Questions

What does an SEO company in Sacramento do for you?

A Sacramento SEO company partners with businesses like yours to boost your visibility in search engines. By using Google-recommended tactics to increase your site's authority and search ranking, SEO firms help you improve customer engagement, build local brand recognition, and shape your company's marketing strategies.

Are SEO consultants worth it?

SEO is very effective at improving your site's search rankings. Today many customers use the internet when making purchasing decisions.

The higher your search ranking, the more likely that customer will find your store. Sacramento SEO experts from The Marketing Agency let you tailor your content and campaigns to your market.

How much do SEO firms charge in Sacramento?

SEO in Sacramento usually costs between $1,500 to $15,000 USD per month.

This may seem expensive, but the best SEO services use data-driven analysis to create Sacramento-targeted content that increases brand awareness, boosts foot traffic, and helps you establish the site authority that ensures high positions in search results.

How long does it take for SEO to start working?

It can take anywhere from 3 months to 12 months before you start seeing a measurable increase in traffic, leads, and conversions. This highly depends on the strategy in place, whether your agency is going after low-hanging fruit or looking for metrics from scratch.

SEO relies on organic growth. The longer your site is online and the more reliable and informative content you make available, the greater your site authority and the higher your placement in the search rankings.

Will SEO exist in 5 years?

SEO will not be eliminated within the next five years.

Clickbait, fake links, and shady Black Hat SEO techniques will continue to become less effective. Google-recommended White Hat SEO techniques not only improve your site's search ranking, they can help you more clearly answer the questions your customers are asking.

How do I get started with SEO?

Setting up for SEO success starts with finding the right Sacramento SEO firm that focuses on intent-based keywords and phrases.

You can also work with free tools like Google Keyword Planner and People Also Searched For to find suitable terms that align with your brand's focus.

From there some next steps include:


- Get a good domain.
- Use a website platform.
- Use a good web host.
- Create a positive user experience.
- Create a logical site structure.
- Use a logical URL structure.
- Install a good SEO plugin.

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